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01536 506196

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Free Ads, Northamptonshire Newspapers Ltd.
56-61 High Street, Rushden.
Northants, NN10 0QE


Free Ads, Northamptonshire Newspapers Ltd.
Upper Mounts, Northampton.
NN1 3H

About Us

Free Ads is a weekly publication available throughout Northamptonshire every Monday, and is a valuable source of information for all bargain hunters. Free Ads was launched in 2003 as a supplement within the Chronicle & Echo and Evening Telegraph daily newspapers. It proved to be such a success that it was decided to invest further in the supplement and was relaunched with a new look in January 2004, improving quality of the publication and building on the distinctive yellow colour branding.

Target Audience
Free Ads has a specific audience - bargain hunters, and because it is circulated within the biggest circulating daily publications in the county it can reach a potential readership audience of over 90,000 ever day.

The Free Ads supplement combined with supplements every day in our publications is just another reason why our daily newspapers offer exceptional value for money.

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What you need to know

Where will my advert appear?
The advert will appear every Monday in the Free Ads supplement published within the Chronicle and Echo and Evening Telegraph daily newspapers. It will also appear on the website.

How much will it cost to advertise?
Its free* and you can have up to 20 words per ad for private advertisers

How long will my ad run for?
The advertisement will appear one week in the Free Ads supplement but can be repeated.

How many ads can I place?
There is NO LIMIT, you can place as many ads you like and as often as you like, but no more than three ads in any one section.

What if I have a query?
Our staff will be more than happy help you with any queries, just telephone 01604 515000.

How can I make my advert stand out from the crowd?
For just ? you can place your advert within a Star Buy box which will give your bargain a higher profile position in the classified listings.

If I am a business can I advertise or sponsor sections within the Free Ads supplement?
Yes, commercial advertisers can sponsor sections and place adverts in the supplement from as little as ?.80 single column centimetre.


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